Dystopia in sports looks like this!

Watch this 20-minute video and think about Tokyo's buzz within the USA Gymnastic Team.

Dystopia in the media and with online communities looks like this, from Marty Griffin of KDKA in Pittsburgh.

Marty makes divisive statements

My $.02 in the wake of a remark at the NBC studios at the Tokyo Olympics about Simone Biles and golf yips.

Statement from NBC studio at the Tokyo Olympics about Simone Biles and golf yips.

Simone Biles deal is NOT "like the yips in golf" unless golf was played with the lips of a loved one replacing the golf tee AND each hole began with a swing while drive a Harley going 100+ MPH. (PS, Don't try this at home.)

An open society must have institutions which protect the freedom to criticize.

Explore the connections between criticism and democratic theory. The freedom to criticize should be compared and contrasted with the freedom of expression. The latter principle is central to what is known as liberal democracy. The former principle is central to what I will call consensual democracy or government by consent.

Don't confuse "consensual democracy or government by consent" with government by consensus. Draw a political distinction between consent and consensus.

I believe consent is a conditional agreement implying the freedom to criticize the order which is being followed. Consensus only implies that the order is at one moment in time agreeable to everyone concerned. It does not incorporate or make allowance for future criticism of the order. As a result, if the goal of consensus building becomes over emphasized, it can lead to dogmatism and the exclusion of critical debate.

Harry Veeder
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Sharing thoughts with my PPS Board Member in Feb 2019

Video testimony from Fall 2016 about experiences with Obama sports. We need support Water Polo. Statement to PPS Board. 

In October 2016, Coach Mark Rauterkus asked the PPS School Board and the new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Anthony Hamlet, to support the kids and the sport of water polo instead of the varsity golf team with its ONE athlete in 2016.

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Testimonials from some students

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More Ranting

Dystopia.4Rs.org is often about the opportunity gap

Activities in the city are harder to find. Networks are with looser connections and not as tight as elsewhere. Efforts to aid discover-ability are valued and the main site, 4Rs.org, help with its calendar.

Game day pressure need not be only for the privileged while life-long pressures abound in the poorer neighborhoods. Stress is often how you interpret it, but some stresses can't be denied.

Sports can help to meet people where they are. With sports and coaching, we can talk eyeball-to-eyeball. With sports we can build the mental bandwidth that can be both an escape as well as a capacity building exercise for confronting things that we could never hope for throughout life. Create connections. We strive for helping kids become better people through athletics. Grow as a person into an adult and bring individuals together in new ways. 

Decision making, compromise, planning, balance, leadership, project evolution, innovation, skill discovery and development are typical confrontations within good sports. When things get sideways, it turns to dystopia sports. Let's be clear as to how to run a program and when there are bad deeds, bad outcomes, bad motivations, shine a light there. Mistakes are made, but can be lessons too. Mistakes need not be repeated so frequently. Seek clarity. Ask questions. Let's not throw aside opportunities. Let's point out the road blocks and remove then when possible. Let's devote resources to those who need them the most and monitor fidelity and improvement plans. 

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Bad move after big wins


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