#VarsityBlues, a take on the college admissions cheaters and bribes revealed with a federal case hitting the news cycle

Yes. Athletes get a huge advantage when it comes to gaining admissions to colleges and universities.

Sports presents an important pathway to success when in college and throughout life.

Sadly, these facts are too often ignored by some administrators at Pittsburgh Public Schools and hundreds of students every year suffer greatly because of these shortcomings.

The sum of the benefits to the students and families of the district from the Pittsburgh Promise could be overshadowed by a reformed philosophy and some modest attention put to coaching, programs, sports and a holistic athletic activities.

This goes way, way beyond the Stanford Sailing Team and mega rich children of actors.

Hundreds of PPS kids are getting robbed every year because there are some district administrators who don’t give a darn about providing the students with viable opportunities to improve themselves.

But does this recent scandal highlight the fallibility of this fact?

The recent scandal is like a pimple on the face of a kid among the crew of athletes at the PIAA Swimming & Diving Championships.

You can watch day 2 of the AA meet tonight on Pennsylvania Cable Network too!

Hint: When people watch, they don't even see the pimple.

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