Football coach, disgraced, getting a movie made about him. Go figure.


Saints Coach

A better version of the script, as posted on Facebook, thanks to:

Jason Cunningham

This gonna be a comedy right? It's the perfect plot. "Suspended for a year, NFL head coach goes to coach his 6th grade son's football team. What's the worst that can happen? Sean Payton (Kevin James) remembers his days of old playing youth football and how great it used to be with the yelling, swearing, and concussions but little did he know how times have changed in youth sports. Sean will have to re-learn the rules from his new coordinators (played by Chris Rock and Adam Sandler), deal with pre-pubescent kids, keep the weird athletic director (Rob Schneider) away, and reconnect with his family. Sean Payton may be an NFL Superbowl winning Head Coach, but he never met a challenge of this caliber in a long time."


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