What made, or makes, us great?


What Made (or Makes) Us Great?

De Toqueville said, "When America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great".

Most of the Americans do not know what a "good culture" is, nor do they give the proverbial "rat's ass" about articulating what that might be. We have to be able to articulate these concepts. This is part of our homework.

It is a rather large and important doubt to wonder if the other great empires in world history saw their imminent demise. Does the USA now see its imminent demise?

Observe, compare and contrast the former USSR now and what one sees with America's history unfolding.

The motto of the USA has been, "In God we trust." How does one articulate the God of the Americans?

"In God We Trust" or should it be changed to: "In Money And Weapons We Trust."

US government - A Nation Under God accomplishments:

  • More than 1.5 million dead Iraqi women and children due to sanctions.
  • Bombing of Yugoslavia civilians - more civilians dead than military.
  • Death penalties to own citizens - A modern civilized Nation under God breaking one of God's ten commandments. (Non-American's don't count.)
  • Biological warfare against developing nations to destroy crops.
  • Exploitation of natural resources and waste dumping in developing nations.
  • Sales of fake drugs to developing nations - still legal to do from US.
  • Echelon - Spying on all other nations for economical benefit.

    Suggested new form for the pledge of allegiance:

    "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Industrial Military Corpocracy for which it stands, one Nation under Satan, infinitely divided, with justice for those with money."

    As I understand it, Chandigarh and Navi Mumbai are both large cities, both were built totally anew (they are not suburbs of an existing city), and both are successes today.

    Perhaps it is best to build villages and cities anew. This way these places are not only suburbs of existing cities. Rather, with the mindset of building anew, the people can concentrate, focus and do all the rethinking of their design, such as the automotive engineers do with they rethink the design of each new generation of automobiles. The way to proceed to a future city is to jettison the past, else the outcome is not a future city but rather a new-flavor of an old city, unsustainable, unwashed in design benefits, and floundering.

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