US Olympic & Para Committee went to Congress to seek some relief in the time of the pandemic


Jeepers. I imagine some would read this and ask, "Why in the hell does the CEO of swimming earn less than that of the CEO of SKI & Snowboarding?" And, the difference is by $100K too. Don't get started on the T&F pay. Imagine the hurdles cleared for that payday.

Golly. That writer of the article is "pro NCAA." Go figure. Hard to find anyone begging Congress for more money for the NCAA in the wake of, humm.... <insert long list of scandales here starting with Paterno to Nasser to scholarship-gate, etc., etc.>.

Buggers! He hits upon the blazer-wearing admins, but gives a pass to the LAWYERS! The article does say, "$13.7 million went to legal fees. Compensation for just its top officers came to $7.6 million."

That begs the question. Why not extend NCAA eligibility to all students while attending LAW SCHOOL. "Raise the bar!" (snicker, snicker)

Note to the wardrobe conscious: Dial back on wearing blazers during pandemics and depressions,

Seeing more than 225 comments on the article too.

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