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Swim-vortex posted on Facebook:

If sport is this, it is not sport. If bonding is this, it is not bonding. If ‘team’ is this, it is not team. If ‘success’ is this it is not success. Clubs, teams, groups, common interests and working on those together can be wonderful things from which much good can flow … we should also be acutely vigilant that those environments can lead to the very opposite - the day and all it’s light fall down the very moment the urge to embrace bad practice and thinking it ‘part of us and what we do that makes us tough’ is given permission, the very moment the urge to protect the tribe through lies and dishonesty is allowed over the red line and into the room, no oxygen left for integrity, truth, transparency, awareness, group and self, balance and decency. Simple checks; is what’s going on something you’d be happy to have family and friends sit in on? Is it something you’d be proud to tell the world about as having been a part of the good outcome you seek? How can this happen … where were the adults? A Story stacked not with ‘Red Honor’ but red flags… including a ‘coach’ not even listed as a coach…

Mater Dei locker room ritual left bloodied football player with brain injury, broken nose

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